Can Dead People Talk ?

A boy died six months ago. He was a student of 12 standard. He attempted​ suicide.

And the reason for taking this big step is common and known to all i.e. studies  pressure. But this suicide story has a different tale much related to possession n excorcism .

The boy’s sister was possessed by the spirit of his brother causing the girl to involve into some unsual activities. The girl was taken every where for medical help but since no one knows the real cause couldn’t help her .Someone told them the cause could be superstitious and to see a man who claims to talk to spirit. Following the advice the family took the girl to that man. The man asked the girl to sit and  performed some rituals or mantras.He asked if there is any recent death in the family.

The family told him about their son who died.

The man carried on the ritual and as effect of that suddenly the  behaviour of girl chnged. she started crying loudly and started mumbling in harsh voice .

The man asked,  who are you?

Where did u come from? 

why do you want ?

and asked to leave the girl’s body . There was no response , man started the ‘kriyas’ again. 

After 15-20 min the spirit spoke, why are you doing this? I’m already disturbed …

The man asked, who are you? The spirit replied , I’m p**t the brother of the girl .

But the family did not believe.

So The man asked the spirit

to sign  the paper to prove 

She signed and the paper is taken back .

Then man asked the spirit how did he died 

Spirit replied that he died in this room 

Then man asked to name his 3 friends 

spirit replied corectly 

The family replied with tears yes and hugged him. 

the mother asked if any family member pressurised him to take such big step. the boy refused and was silent. 

The father then told him about all the pain they are suffering because of  his death…

Mother asked who helped him commiting suicide.

The answer was no one but because​ of not performing well in exams and not meeting their expectations. and told them he took some poisonous drug to kill himself. At last the spirit has to go and leave the girls body. 

the girl then fainted and spirit left for another life

Girl was asked to copy the signature but she was unable to do so .

what was it ? 

was it realy her brother’s spirit ?

The Untold story


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